Welcome to Kayak, Fishing & Archery, an outdoor adventure and equipment blog. We specialize in promoting and distributing equipment for these three sports.

What is KFA’s target?

To promote only the best equipment and products for three outdoor sports and activities: Kayaking, Fishing, and Archery. We focus only on a few brands but that is because we believe in quality above all else and they represent the best of the best. Given the sports in which we specialize, there are different types of equipment you might need. Each sport also has different subsets of the activity, as you will see listed below.

For kayaks we support Hobie, Lifetime, and Ocean for fishing kayaks, as well as Riot, Necky, Sea Eagle, and Malibu for other types of kayaks. There are a few different kinds of kayaks: inflatable, collapsible, sit-on-top, tandem, and recreational kayaks. What you choose depends on: whether you’re kayaking in a lake, river, or the ocean, and depending on whether you’re an expert or beginner, and if you want to fish, just paddle around a bit, or go on an extended trip.

For fishing, it depends on the type of fishing you’ll be doing. For fly fishing we recommend Thomas & Thomas, Redington, and Albright. For lake fishing we recommend Roddy, Shakespeare or Pflueger rods; and for saltwater or chartered fishing we highly recommend St Croix and Piscifun. The same sort of differences exists in the quality of equipment and brands for reels, bait and tackle, apparel, boats, motors, and other products and accessories for different types of fishing.

For archery we believe strongly in Italian Archery Brands: Spigarelli, Best Archery, EliVanes, CXzero20 and FCA Innovative Archery Tools. We also proud supporters and users of KAYA Archery Official equipment. There are different kinds of bows and equipment to go with different types of archery. There are crossbows and traditional bows; within traditional bows there are recurve and compound bows. For types of archery, there is target archery, field archery, or and bowhunting.

We have a special distribution network of other quality outdoor goods. We act as the bridge between the manufacturer and the dealer offering a wide range of products, professional service and competitive prices to dealers across the world. As a result, we do not sell directly to customers or clients but we do collaborate between all the different parties to connect people with the dealers or manufacturers.